Hi Revive fam,

As you are aware, the restrictions have been lifted and we are again able to meet as a family. We will be going back to meeting as a congregation this Sunday the 21st of February 2021.

As we have certain restrictions and obligations by the government, we are able to host 100 people on our Sunday church service.

It will be on a first come first serve basis so you will need to register for each service via the following linkĀ

Below are important points to remember:

  1. Always carry a facemask with you and follow the direction of volunteers upon entry of the building regarding mask-wearing.

  2. Sign in upon entry of the building, using the QR code, as part of our requirement for compliance.

  3. Sanitize your hands upon entry using the automatic sanitizers available at the front entrance and the kitchen area.

  4. The entry point will be the front entrance and the exit point will be the kitchen door.

  5. Keep 1.5m distance at all times in and out of the building.

  6. Follow the seating arrangements in the auditorium and do not move seats around as they are pre-set following government requirements

  7. If you are feeling unwell and have any flu-like symptoms, stay home and watch the message online.

We are excited to host you again and worship the Lord together.